Keeping Flowers fresh . . . . . in the home

Your flowers are home, now what?

The long journey from harvest to home is complete. Time to enjoy the beauty of your cut flowers, and to make that beauty last. The important steps you take the moment you get home - cutting, hydrating and nourishing – will set you on the right path. And daily follow-up care will help you extend the vase life of your blooms. Turn to Floralife® for the tools and advice to help you achieve lasting beauty in your home!

 How much flower food do I need?



1.  Identify your dose, open or measure into a vase or container for mixing

2.  Mix the flower food with water. 

In a 5 to 7 day period of time, you may need to change or refill your solution 1 to 3 times depending on the uptake of the flowers. 
Is the flower food with your flowers a 0.5 Liter (approximately 5 grams) packet, a 1 liter packet (approximately 10 grams)? . . . Or are you using the 10 oz. tub from our online shop?  (note 1 liter = 1 quart)


3.  Trim the flower stems and remove foliage from the stem that would be in the solution (approx 1 inch or 3 cm)


4.  Arrange your flowers and display

Floralife® Flower Foods for Long-lasting Flowers


In this timelapse video you are able to see how Floralife Crystal Clear® helps a vase arrangement last longer than just using water alone. Did you notice the use of flower food helps the solution stay clear? Did you notice the flowers' petal color and longevity?  


Not all Flower Foods are Clear!


On your Floralife® packet, you will notice the name of the flower food that has been supplied with your flowers. There are "clear" formulas and "non-clear" formulas of flower foods. In this video, notice the difference when the flower foods are mixed. Although a "non-clear" formula may appear cloudy, it does not mean the solution is compromised. If aesthetics is important to your flower arrangement or display, then make sure you ask for Floralife Crystal Clear® when you want a "clear" formula!


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