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Fresh Cut Flower Guide to Care & Handling

Cut flowers don't have to be here today and gone tomorrow. A little knowledge goes a long way for postharvest flower care to help extend the life of the flower. When you set out to purchase your first car or house, most likely your thoughts weren’t, “I want a red car or I want a red house,” but, “I want a car made by Ford with four doors, front wheel drive, a CD player and leather interior.” “My house should have four bedrooms, three floors, two bathrooms . . . .” All right, you get the point. But, you reply, these are huge purchases requiring large sums of money. Do I need to put that much thought into it? That’s right, you do. But, in one year, aren’t the flowers you buy as much or more of a huge expenditure than a nice car? However, florists continue to order flowers by color (pink or red), not having any idea which variety of flowers they are or the characteristics of the flowers. Floralife has assembled some educational materials for better flower care.

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