Keeping Flowers Fresh . . . . . in the store

The Fresh Cut Flower Selling and Buying

It’s the healthiest, most eye-catching arrangements that jump off the shelf. At every step, from receiving to storage, arranging to merchandising, you have the opportunity to maintain and enhance the freshness, beauty and health of your flowers. At retail, it’s about hydration and nourishment, but also strict temperature control and sanitation. With our quality products and expert guidance, Floralife® can help you make the sale!

In Store Steps to Fresh Flowers

1.  With wet pack flowers - check to see if there is sufficient Floralife® flower food treated water in the buckets and clear the bucket of any debris.

2.  With dry pack flowers - place them in water properly treated with Floralife® flower food as soon as possible.

     a. Allow 1 – 2 hours of “drinking” time in order for all flowers to be fully hydrated and ready to sell and show off. 

3.  Inspect the flowers upon arrival.

4.  Flowers should be stored in a cooler with a temperature of between 34 ̊ F – 38 ̊ F (2 - 3° C).

5.  Remove any fallen petals from the stem of the flowers (leaves that may have become dislodged during shipping)

6.  Make sure all containers have been cleaned with an approved floral sanitizer like Floralife’s DCD

7.  Mix the proper amount of Floralife® flower foods in fresh water as per instructions that amount of water.

8.  Using clippers, carefully cut 1 inch (3 cm) off base of all stems and immediately place in prepared container.

9.  Check all buckets daily for proper amount of flower food solution and be sure to clean out any debris.

10.  Follow proper FIFO (first in first out) when rotating the flowers in and out of the store.

11.  Check the cooler temperature daily. Remember, flowers last longest if stored between 34 ̊ F – 38 ̊ F (2 - 3° C). The flowers should not be stored near fruit (too much Ethylene). The preferred cooler would be the Dairy cooler.  Follow this link for our plan for refacing and restocking flowers. 


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