Floralife's Sustainable Practices

With our product, facilities and practices, Floralife is constantly looking at new and better ways to incorporate the best sustainable practices. This is an ongoing and ever changing process as we seek to innovate ways to implement the best sustainable practices throughout our business.


  • Concentrated product to lessen our carbon footprint in packaging, shipping and handling
  • Product that will keep solutions effective longer, so can use multiple times.
  • Recycled and reclaimed packaging materials
  • Refillable packaging


  • Recycling program in all Floralife offices around the globe: recycling paper, cans, bottles and other materials
  • Programs to refit and organize physical facilities in order to cut down on power and water usage
  • Innovations to use facility rainwater runoff for manufacturing processes


  • Farm, wholesale, and retail joint projects to facilitate and aid with water conservancy and resource management
  • Mandate to go paperless for intercompany communication and meetings



What does     mean?

Labor savings: reduces need for mixing new solutions and disposing of old solution, because solutions can be reused.

Water savings: solutions are reused, cutting down amount of water used for each useable solution.

Solution savings: reuse of solutions decreases the amount of new solution you will need to treat the same amount of flowers