FAQs for Floralife® HydroSpray

1. A: It is a scientifically engineered solution used to refresh, hydrate, and protect fresh flowers, foliage and blooming potted plants. It prevents premature flower petal drop, dehydration, wilting, and browning. Maximize the quality and freshness of cut flower bouquets, wedding work, floral designs, and evergreens with a simple last-step measure of insurance before any arrangement goes out your florist shop door.


2. A: Yes. Any plant that benefits from misting will benefit from Floralife® HydroSpray. Plants tested in our labs have included Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Cyclamen, Spathiphyllum, Philodendron and Diffenbachia, among other potted plants.


3. A: We have tested many different blooming potted plants without seeing any damage to the flower petals.


4. A: You only need to apply the product as a fine mist spray to maximize customer satisfaction.


5. A: It is very important to allow the product, after spraying on your flowers or potted plants, to thoroughly dry before putting into a cooler or the delivery of flowers. This reduces the chance of wet leaves and flowers encouraging fungal diseases in the cooler, as well as provides time for the spray to dry clear and show no evidence of its presence.


6. A: Floralife® HydroSpray is a ready-to-use product and shouldn’t be diluted before use, as this will change the effectiveness of the product. The product is available in a convenient container for ease of application with a mister.


7. A: The product is safe to use in hard surface working areas without concern of staining.