In the field, garden or greenhouse, plants nourish their flowers, allowing them to grow and develop. When you cut the flower from its plant, it loses that nourishment. So Floralife developed Fresh Flower Food to mimic the flower's original environment, allowing it to fully develop, or open.

Fresh flower food helps flowers by:

  • Providing food in the form of sugars to keep the flowers alive. Just like people, flowers get energy from carbohydrates.
  • Helping lower pH, which keeps the water/food conducting system in flowers working at maximum efficiency.
  • Unplugging stems to allow better flow to the flowers.


Some basic steps for proper care of fresh cut flowers include the following:

  1. Begin with a clean vase. If possible, do not use water from a water softener for your flowers. The salt content may decrease the life of some flowers.
  2. Always add Floralife® Flower Food to the water, following the instructions on the packet or label. Floralife® Flower Food hydrates and nourishes flowers for your customers’ maximum enjoyment.
  3. Remove all of the foliage below the water line to prevent the foliage from decaying. This also keeps the water cleaner and the stems free flowing.
  4. Give all flowers a fresh cut before placing them into flower food solution. This helps ensure hydration.
  5. Flowers will live longer if not placed in direct sunlight, in a draft or on top of a TV.
  6. Replenish the vase or container with a Floralife® Flower Food solution as needed, due to water uptake and evaporation.


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