For Unique Identification, Monitoring and Data Logging


For Unique Identification, Monitoring and Data Logging

Floralife® TempChek is a battery-powered smart label with temperature data logging capabilities.
The labels have a fully integrated real time clock and temperature sensor with a maximum accuracy
of 0.5ºC. The labels are readable with most Android NFC enabled smartphones and tablets.

NFC* Temperature Data Logger (*near field communication)


  • Identification, monitoring and tracking of temperature-sensitive products such as fresh cut flowers

Features & Benefits

  • Time-temperature data logging label
  • Operating temperature range: -30° C to +65° C (-22° F to 149° F)
  • Sensor accuracy: ± 0.5º C
  • Real-time clock for data logging
  • Store up to 747 data measurements
  • Easy-to-use application for NFC enabled smartphone or tablet. Downloadable data for spreadsheets and charts.
  • Text field for customer notes


1 pkg of 10 each 81-98001

10 pkg/cs.



Get the Downloads
     Get the Floralife® TempChek application  
     for your NFC enabled Android device at   
3) With the latest application upgrade our app is now compatible with Android operating systems with NFC antenae. In the following link is a list of our tested devices. List of Devices (If you do not find your phone on this list please contact your sales representative for further information regarding your device and network's compatibility)