Rose Food Clear 300

Rose Food Clear 300

Rose Food Clear 300 is specially formulated to hydrate and nourish roses for the maximum development of the flower.


For Florists, Bouquet Makers & End Consumers


How does it work?

         contains acidifiers to adjust the pH of the water

         provides natural nutrients to enhance rose bloom life

         Improves water uptake


Features and Benefits

         available in powder and liquid concentrate

         sachets with individual layouts can be made

         also useful for floral arrangements of OASIS® floral foam

         crystal clear in all water types - the ideal choice for clear vases

         can be produced in strings for automatic binding machines


Directions for use

         remove foliage below solution level in the container

         re-cut rose stems with a clean, sharp knife

         make sure stems and containers are clean

         place stems into a vase with the Rose Food Clear 300 solution

         read and follow label directions



         Rose Food Clear 300 is available for 0.5 L and for 1 L of water