Aqua Colors

Spray for Flowers, Plants and Deco

Aqua Colors

Spray for Flowers, Plants and Deco

Floralife® Aqua Colors

Add a custom design feel to all your arrangements to make them stand out. This easy and ready to use product provides a pop of color wherever you need it. Aqua Color sprays are a simple and fast way to create a unique design customized for your consumer.

For the Entire Floral Channel . . . Professional to End Consumer

Features and Benefits

•         Water-based

•         Odorless

•         Fast Drying

•         High Coverage

Available in 37 colors. Download our shade chart.


Directions for use

•         If spraying a decoration, make sure the surface is clean.

•         Shake well before use

•         Spray a fine and even mist application from the trigger nozzle (from a distance of 25 - 30 cm) onto fresh cut flowers, foliage, evergreens, potted plants, or decorations for desired effect.

•         Allow the spray to dry (approximately 45 minutes) before using for an arrangement or storage.


Floralife® Aqua Colors are available in 400 ml spray cans