1. Q:  At what stage in the postharvest process is it best to use Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food?


2. Q:  What concentration solution to water ratio should be used for the final use solution?


3. Q:  How long can I use Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food in the bucket before I need to replace it?


4. Q:  Can I mix Floralife® Hydraflor® 100 Hydration Postharvest Treatment and Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food together in the effort to save time and speed up the postharvest process?


5. Q: What is the difference between Floralife Professional® and Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food?


6. Q: How much increased flower life can I expect to achieve by using Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food?


7. Q: Should I use hot, cold, or warm water to mix the solution with the concentrated product?


8. Q: What is the best method to properly dilute the concentrate with water?


9. Q: What will happen if I accidentally over- or under- dose my flowers with flower food solution?


10. Q: How do I check to make sure the bucket treatment dosage amount I have prepared is correct?


11. Q: Why is it better to use a flower food bucket treatment than simply using water and changing it out with new water on a daily basis?


12. Q: How long can I store the flower food before it is out of date for use?


13. Q: What is the best temperature range in which to store flower food?


14. Q: Does it matter if the container of flower food is kept open at the top or is it better to keep covered?

1. A:  Floralife Clear Professional Flower Food is commercially used during the transport and storage stage of cut flowers as a conditioner for increased freshness. It is an excellent choice for high volume users at all levels of the distribution channel.


2. A: Dispense 2 tsps. (10ml) per one quart of water, or use an automatic dosing system at the rate of 1:100 (1%).


3. A: Replace the solution within a one week time period.


4. A: These two products weren’t developed to be used together and are not compatible, thus there is no benefit to combining them.


5. A: Floralife Professional® Flower Food is the original storage solution formula which results in an opaque, or milky flocculate use solution versus the more recently developed Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food formula which yields a clear use solution. As far as effectiveness is concerned, there is no difference. The decision to choose one over the other is purely aesthetics.


6. A: On average, there is a 20% or more increase in vase life compared to using plain water with many cut flower types. There will be variability dependent upon flower type, variety, if any postharvest pretreatments were used prior to using Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food, and how temperatures and diseases were controlled during the flower chain process. For sure, it provides higher quality and fresher flowers when handled properly within good postharvest practices.


7. A: There is no need to chill or warm up water when you use flower food.


8. A: As flower food must be used at the proper concentration to obtain maximum benefit to aid in flower longevity, it is best to utilize an automatic dosing injector system to accurately measure, mix and dispense it. Injector units are available through Floralife or Smithers-Oasis companies.


9. A: In extreme over- or under- dosing situations one could see damage to the flower stems, leaves, and or flowers. Flower life could actually be decreased instead of increased. Flowers might not be fresher longer.


10. A: As this takes a few steps to determine, check out our technical bulletin on “How to determine the dosing accuracy of an injector dispensing unit” on this website.


11. A: Flower food provides necessary nutrients for optimum maintenance, development, and color for flowers in which water alone can’t provide. It also removes labor and cost associated to replacing plain water on a daily basis whereas buckets of flower food can last up to a week without replacement.


12. A: Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food, as well as all other Floralife® flower foods, has consistent product quality which will positively perform for at least 2 years under ambient storage conditions.


13. A:  Ideally it is best to keep flower food at temperatures between 40 to 68° F (5 to 20° C) for greatest efficacy.


14. A: If the flower food concentrate gets contaminated by foreign debris  the chemistry may be affected and reduce efficacy. By keeping the container covered reduces the potential of contamination and maintains the efficacy of the product and length of shelf life.