For flower enthusiasts - and the professionals who serve them - freshness is key.  With proper care and nutrition you can enjoy your flowers days longer, so please follow these Floralife® care tips for lasting freshness and beauty.


1.      Begin with a clean vase. If possible, do not use water from a softener for flowers. The sodium (salt) content may decrease the life of some flowers.

2.      Always add Floralife® Flower Food to the water, following packet or label directions. Floralife® Flower Food hydrates and nourishes flowers for the maximum enjoyment of the customer.

3.      Remove all of the foliage from below the water line. This prevents the foliage from decaying and keeps the water cleaner and the stems free flowing.

4.      Give all flowers a fresh cut before placing them into flower food solution. It helps ensure hydration.

5.      Flowers will live longer if not placed in direct sunlight, in a draft or on a television set.

6.    Replenish the vase/container with a Floralife® Flower Food solution as needed, due to water uptake and evaporation.


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